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No-Fault Insurance and How It Impacts Car Accident Claims in Arkansas

Arkansas, like most states, requires drivers to maintain minimum insurance requirements in order to legally operate a vehicle on the state’s roads and highways. Some states follow “at-fault” car insurance rules while others operate under a “no-fault” insurance system.  When it comes to no-fault insurance, Arkansas is considered to be an “add-on” state. Driver’s license […]

The Role of Negligence in Wrongful Death Cases: Arkansas Legal Insights

Losing a loved one is a devastating experience, especially when that loss results from someone else’s negligence. But does your case qualify as wrongful death? Arkansas Code § 16-62-102 defines a wrongful death as a death caused by a wrongful act, neglect, or default of another party. Therefore, in Arkansas, as in many other jurisdictions, pursuing justice […]

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Here’s Why You Need a Lawyer

Picture this: revving engines, wind in your hair, and the thrill of riding your motorcycle through the Natural State. Many motorcycle riders enjoy exploring the scenic highways, rural landscapes, and bustling cities of Arkansas. Sadly, even on these beautiful roads, accidents can happen.  In recent years, Arkansas has seen a troubling increase in motorcycle accidents. In fact, […]

The Auto Accident Trial Process

You have probably heard that most car accident lawsuits never end up in court. The Bolch Judicial Institute at Duke Law School noted that around 1 percent of civil lawsuits – which include car accident cases – filed in federal courts result in a trial. However, civil trials can and do happen, so it pays to get […]

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