How Long Does a Settlement Take for a Car Accident

Car accidents can be very traumatic. They often leave both physical and emotional scars that can last for years. In addition to the pain and suffering, you also have to deal with insurance companies, lost income, and more. 

Perhaps one of the most daunting aspects of it all is wondering how long it may take to receive a settlement. Unfortunately, settling a car accident claim is not always straightforward.

While you can’t predict exactly when your car accident claim can be settled, having experienced legal representation by your side can help you understand your options and speed up the claims process. You can consult with Minton Law Firm to find out how this may be possible – call us today at 855-Xadjuster.

It Can Take Up to a Year or So to Reach a Settlement

After a car accident, one of the questions that every victim wants to know is when he or she can expect to receive a settlement. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as every case is unique and involves different factors that affect settlement timelines. 

According to one report by Forbes, your auto accident settlement can take anywhere from just a few weeks up to several months – depending on how long it takes for all parties involved to agree on the final sum. If your case goes to trial, this process can be even longer.

In general, however, most car accident cases settle within 6 months to 1 year after filing a claim. It is important not to rush through this process; settling too quickly might mean receiving less compensation than you deserve for your accident-related expenses.

What Factors Affect the Settlement Process?

If you have been involved in a car accident, one of the main questions on your mind is likely to be: How long will it take to receive a settlement for your injuries and damages?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer, as the timeline for settling a car accident claim can vary greatly depending on collision-specific factors.

The following are four issues that can affect your settlement process.

1. Injuries and medical care 

Medical treatment can be a major factor in determining the settlement check amount for an auto accident settlement.

For minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, a settlement may be reached relatively quickly. However, for more serious injuries like broken bones or head trauma that require extensive medical care and rehabilitation, the process may be prolonged. 

This is because it can take some time to fully understand the extent of the conditions and the long-term impact these may have on the life of the injured person. In some cases, where the party has not yet fully recovered and requires further treatment or therapy, it is better to delay settlement in order to assess any future costs accurately. 

This can ensure that all of the medical costs associated with the auto accident are accounted for and that the victim is not left with unexpected expenses down the line.

2. Liability

Another factor that can impact how long it takes to settle a car accident claim is whether liability has been established. In cases where liability is clear-cut and has been admitted by all parties involved, settlements may be reached more quickly.

The complexity of your case can also play a role in determining how long it takes to reach a settlement agreement. For instance, cases with 3 or more cars or a commercial vehicle involved often take longer than those involving only 2 personal cars. 

3. Evidence

The amount of evidence available also plays a role in how quickly a case settles. Clear documentation, such as medical records and police reports supporting your injury claim, can help speed up the proceedings. However, if further investigation or additional documentation is required, this could delay matters.

4. Total expenses

Future expenses related to severe injuries or rehabilitation must be considered when calculating damages. This influences how fast personal injury cases settle.

Recoverable damages may include:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Vehicle repairs, and;
  • Future medical care

How Can a Lawyer Speed Up the Settlement Process?

Is your car accident settlement taking a long time? Your lawyer can help speed up the settlement process. Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer can help your personal injury claim and achieve a more favorable settlement.

Your lawyer needs time to investigate the accident and gather evidence to support your claim. However, this is an essential part of building a strong personal injury case.

Your lawyer can help you get a faster settlement for a car accident in several ways:

  • Gathering evidence: Your lawyer can help gather and preserve evidence related to your injury case. This includes witness statements and or a police report, which can help establish liability and damages.
  • Documenting your damages: Your lawyer can help document your damages. These include lost wages and other expenses related to the accident, which can help establish the value of your injury claim.
  • Negotiating a fair settlement: Your lawyer can negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf for a settlement check that fully compensates you for your injuries and damages.
  • Filing a lawsuit if necessary: If negotiations fail, you may need to take legal action by filing a lawsuit against the other driver involved in the accident. This can involve going through arbitration or mediation before heading to trial if necessary. 
  • Ensuring compliance with legal deadlines: Your lawyer can help ensure that all legal deadlines are met, such as the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit, which can help expedite the settlement process.
  • Providing legal guidance: Your lawyer can patiently help you understand your legal options and handle all of the paperwork and communication with the insurance companies, which can help streamline the insurance claims process.

In addition to helping you in these specific ways, working with a lawyer can also give you peace of mind and reduce your stress. This can allow you to focus better on your recovery and other important aspects of your life.

Steps You Can Take to Reach a Settlement Faster

What can you do to speed up your settlement? Here are some steps you can take to help your car accident claim reach a faster resolution:

  • Seek medical treatment promptly. This can help ensure that your injuries are properly documented and establish a clear link between the accident and your injuries.
  • Document everything. Keep detailed records of all expenses related to your injury including medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. This may increase the amount of your settlement check.
  • Provide all relevant information. Make sure you provide all relevant information to your attorney and the insurance company. Relevant information includes any medical bills, lost wage statements, and other documentation related to your injuries and expenses.
  • Respond promptly. If the insurance company or your attorney requests additional information or documentation, respond as soon as you can. This can help prevent unnecessary delays in the settlement process.
  • Cooperate with the investigation. If there is an investigation into the accident, you should cooperate fully with the investigators. This can help ensure that the facts of the accident are established as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Don’t rush the process. Insurance companies may try to pressure you into accepting a quick settlement to avoid paying what you deserve.
  • Hire an experienced attorney. An experienced car accident attorney can help ensure that your case is handled right. Our attorneys at Minton Law can help you navigate the legal process and work to achieve a fair settlement as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that every car accident case is different. There may be additional steps you can take to help expedite the settlement process based on the specific circumstances of your case. 

The knowledgeable attorneys of Minton Law Firm in Arkansas know how to help injured clients seek the full amount of compensation they may be entitled to receive. Thus, we can help you learn and understand your legal options.

Is It Faster to Settle Out of Court?

There are pros and cons whether you settle a car accident out of court or go to trial. The best choice for you can be revealed by a careful evaluation of the facts involved in your case. 


Settling a car accident case out of court can have several advantages, including:

  • Faster resolution: Settling a case out of court can often lead to a faster resolution than going to trial, which can be time-consuming 
  • Lower costs: Settling a case out of court can be less expensive than going to trial, as it can eliminate the need for costly litigation
  • Predictability: Settling a case out of court can provide greater predictability in terms of the outcome; the parties can negotiate and agree on the terms of the insurance check


However, there are these potential disadvantages to settling a personal injury claim out of court:

  • Lower settlement amounts: The insurance company may offer a lower car accident settlement amount than what you could get if you take the case to trial
  • Limited legal recourse: Once a car accident settlement is reached, you typically cannot seek more compensation
  • Unresolved issues: If the agreement is not clear or does not cover all the issues related to the accident, legal issues may come up later

Our Arkansas-based team at Minton Law Firm can help you learn your legal rights, understand your options, and guide you through the decision-making process.

When Will You Receive Payment Once a Settlement Is Reached?

When it comes to settlements for car accidents, there are two main types:

  1. Lump-sum settlement: A lump-sum settlement is a one-time payment made by the defendant or the insurance company to the plaintiff. This type of settlement may be preferred by victims because they can receive all the compensation at once, using the settlement check for medical bills, lost wages, or other expenses as soon as possible.
  2. Structured settlement: Structured settlements involve payments being made over time. These payments are typically made on a monthly basis and can be spread out over several years. Structured settlements are often used when large amounts of money are involved. They are also used when the plaintiff has long-term medical needs that will require ongoing care.

Ultimately, the type chosen will affect how long it takes to receive your money.

Our Little Rock, Arkansas Car Accident Lawyers Are Ready to Help

In summary, the length of time it takes to get a car accident settlement for your injuries depends on several factors. It is crucial to have an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side who can guide you through the claims process and help you seek the fair settlement you deserve. 

Our legal team at Minton Law Firm has years of experience helping car accident victims recover compensation. If you are involved in a car accident or any motor vehicle collision that causes serious injuries or property damage, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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