Pedestrian Killed in Little Rock, One of Over 500 This Year

On October 23rd, 2021, around 7:50pm, a Little Rock man was walking the 5100 block of Asher Avenue. A 1998 Nissan traveling east at an unknown speed hit the man, 44-year-old Zachary Triano of Little Rock. 

Area police said the conditions were dry and clear at the time of the crash, and the cause of the accident is unknown. Unfortunately, Triano was pronounced dead at the scene. He is also one of two men who died in pedestrian accidents in the area on the same weekend.

Since 2016, Little Rock and the Central Arkansas area have been named one of the most dangerous metropolitan areas to walk out of the 104 largest metropolitan areas in the country. Each year, hundreds of people in the area report pedestrian accidents — with multiple fatalities each year.

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