Winter Weather Causes Chain of Accidents on I-40

Unprecedented weather in the South also affected Little Rock and much of Arkansas in mid-February. 

On February 17th, snow, ice, and cold temps led to multiple accidents, shutting down I-40 east- and westbound for multiple hours. Arkansas State Police reported a 30-mile chain of accidents, starting with a single event at 9 a.m. The chain’s first event involved a state patrol vehicle and a jackknifed semi.

The Arkansas State Police vehicle, driven by Sargeant Chuck Lewis, was rear-ended by a jackknifed semi-truck, driven by Joe Barbosa, a San Antonio resident. The semi-truck, expected to be traveling at unsafe speeds for the conditions, couldn’t stop due to ice and snow. The trailer jackknifed, the side of it hitting the state patrol vehicle from behind. Lewis’s patrol car was spun into the tree line on the shoulder of I-40, but he was not injured.

Unfortunately, that single accident led to multiple accidents that stretched more than 30 miles. While there were no deaths reported, multiple vehicles were damaged and injuries were reported.

Barbosa also fled the scene of the crash and was eventually tracked down in the North Little Rock area. Upon finding Barbosa, Arkansas State Police charged him with careless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident. His Lonoke County court date is pending.

Inclement weather can’t be prevented, but accidents caused by driving inappropriately in those conditions can cause major accidents — and even death. If you’ve been injured by negligent driving, or by a tractor-trailer, injury attorney Justin Minton wants to help.  He has extensive experience as an insurance adjuster, and he understands the tactics insurance providers employ to try to limit what they pay to victims of tractor-trailer accidents and negligence. Call the Minton Law Firm at (501) 794-0001 or fill out an online form to set up a free consultation. You can also like and follow the Minton Law Facebook page for more updates.

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