Collision on Crow Mountain Road Results in Discovery of a Stolen Car, Entrapment & Airlifting

Six people were injured in a two-car collision on Monday, September 13, around 4:30 p.m., leading one person to become entrapped in his vehicle and two people with critical injuries. It was later discovered that one of the vehicles was reported stolen earlier that same week.

This collision, which took place on Crow Mountain Road near the intersection of Double Springs Road, was originally reported as a basic two-vehicle collision. Upon preliminary investigation of the crash, however, Arkansas State Police found that one of the vehicles was stolen. 

Wes Honnell of Russellville, was driving a Chrysler Pacifica, accompanied by his wife, two young children, and their baby. At the time of the crash, Honnell was turning left onto Crow Mountain Road as someone driving a Ford Taurus traveled east on Crow Mountain Road.

As Honnell entered the intersection, a white Ford Tauras crested the hill and struck Honnell’s Pacifica on his driver’s side, spinning both vehicles. The Pacifica came to rest in the middle of Crow Mountain Road and the Taurus came to rest along the shoulder of the roadway facing southwest. The driver of the Taurus became trapped in the stolen vehicle, and Honnell was critically injured.

Due to Honnell’s serious injuries, an air ambulance was contacted and dispatched and a second EMS unit was dispatched to care for the injured Taurus driver and Honnell’s family. Honnell’s wife and children were treated for their injuries at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center and were later released. One of the children sustained a concussion in the collision and another child was transported to Arkansas Children’s Hospital for further evaluation for an abdominal injury.

The identity of the driver of the stolen Ford Taurus is unknown, but it was reported that he is receiving treatment at a Little Rock hospital. Honnell is still recovering from critical injuries as of this writing.

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